What we do

Innovate at the speed of business

Say goodbye to slower processes, unnecessary work, and bad data. Winshuttle has the capabilities to help your bottom line.

Data Movement

Implement more slow, manual, error prone processes…said no CEO ever. Winshuttle empowers business users to rapidly move data in and out of SAP using standard business applications. Improve productivity, reduce repetitive manual labor and harness the power of your data to fuel your business.

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Workflow Applications

By maximizing the velocity of data management and automating business processes across the enterprise, entire data workflows can be streamlined and managed, without burdening IT resources. Winshuttle gives you the ability to replicate and deploy powerful applications, reduce the need for multiple manual processes, and create better transparency throughout your organization.

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Data Governance

25% of ERP data is bad – but Winshuttle’s platform helps you trust your data again. By adhering to each company’s SAP and security requirements, our solutions provide the accountability your team needs to keep data clean throughout its life cycle, so your business can focus on the future.

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